Work in Canada

Canada has the thirteenth highest life expectancy in the world which means that the health system in Canada is very strong and has developed and maintaining many hi tech super speciality hospitals. Canada represents many multinational companies and has many multinational companies have setup branches in Canada. There is a huge shortage for qualified workers in all sectors, since population is less the current graduates of Canadian universities and colleges are insufficient to meet the demand.

Every year International Academy helps hundreds of Indian search Canada to build up their own skills and to work. Due to skill shortage, every year Canada accepts thousands of employees in various fields from all around the world through different programs i.e. General skilled migration, Provincial Nominee Migration, Work Permit Programs and Student Migration.

Graduates of Canadian universities and colleges are not sufficient for some professions, so these professionals are continuously listed in the list of Eligible Occupations for permanent residency (PR). So these professionals who meet certain point criteria can reach Canada through Canadian central government Federal skilled worker migration program or Provincial Nominee Migration program promoted by Canadian states and can qualify for permanent residence.

To work in some of the regulated professions, those who reach Canada as a permanent resident needs to get registration with their respective professional boards. Those who are not able to secure a registration for their profession can take up any job of their choice that doesn’t require registration or can also work as assistants in their own profession till they get registered .

To apply for job or work permit as a nurse or health professional in Canada the applicant should have registration and license in Canada. To get this license all the health professionals should pass the Canadian health board examination. For attending this exam all health professionals should have Canadian Permanent Residency. For work permit program, some work doesn’t require any professional registration, but IA do not assist in job recruitment’s because the Canadian employers want highly skilled and efficient work force and so they prefer to assess the efficiency and skills of the people through personal interview. For this, the required persons have to be in Canada. So the easier way for an aspiring candidate to enter in Canada is apply for a permanent resident visa or a student visa. So IA offers assistance for migration and different study programs that gives jobs and permanent residency in Canada.

Canadian employers highly prefer Canadian trained and experienced professionals. If you study in Canada any program it’s include 4 months practical each year along with theory .So by completing a specific period of Canadian education you can attain valuable work experience. These courses acts as a gateway to Canada, since a direct job offer from a Canadian employer is rather difficult to obtain for a person from outside Canada .A person entering Canada as a student have the opportunity to explore employment opportunity in Canada. Students who successfully complete a program of 8 months to 2 years duration will get a post study work permit equivalent to their duration of study. Student who successfully completes a program of 2 year or above will get a post study work permit for up to 3 years. During this post study work permit students can work full time in Canada and may later become permanent resident in Canada.

We will assist the candidates in all these steps involved in their job placement, i.e. their application assessment, further study and also general and provincial nominee Migration.

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