Work in United Kingdom

To work in the UK candidates have to get Registered in their respective professional bodies i.e. Nursing Council ,Pharmacy council, Dental council etc… Based on candidate’s previous academic study and experience some of them will get direct registration and can apply for job opportunities. But some candidates have to undergo training programs/examination procedures or further study options to qualify with the UK standards. After the above-mentioned programs, candidates will get registration in their respective professional boards and can find placements. Most of these training programs include practical and theory examination. These programs are conducted by the respective professional boards or with associated educational providers. Based on students previous study and experience they maybe granted credit in the UK universities and can complete Degree or PG in their subject and are able to get registration/ membership in the UK. It may be noted that some work doesn’t require any professional registration. Candidates can apply directly for job with their existing qualification and skill.

International Academy gives direct assistance to nurses with IELTS Academic Overall 7 with no bands less than 7 in each module for Nursing board registration and registered nurse jobs in the U.K . With or without IELTS Nurses , health professionals , social workers , hospitality professionals , business & IT professionals , engineers and many diploma , Bachelors and Masters holders, we provide many paid/unpaid internship programs . Students will get industrial connections during such internships . These industrial connections help students to find full time employment opportunities and change to work permit.

We will assist the candidates in all these steps involved in their placement, i.e. their application assessment, professional registration and further study.

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