NVQ 4 Programs for Nurses & Health Care Professionals and Social Workers

This work study program includes specialization in child care, youth care, aged care, mental health care and social care. The normal duration of the course is one year. Candidates have to cover limited hours in theory and 20 hours in practical training a week. They get paid from six to seven pounds per hours for the practical training. Besides they can work 20 hours a week. Thus they enjoy the benefit of 40 hours paid work.

This program helps candidates to reach the U.K. in Student Visa. NVQ 4 is conducted by many colleges in association with Nursing Homes, Health and Social Care Providers. Students obtain admission instantly and Visa process for the same is faster compared to other countries. Student Visa enables the candidate to reach the U.K. faster since the delay noticed in getting a job visa is not experienced in this case.

Normally British Embassy will give one and a half years visa for this program. On completion of this program, based on the job offer and current immigration rule, candidates can change their current visa to full time work permit upto 5 years. This program enables health and social care professionals to work in their related realms, meet their professional board requirements and explore job opportunities in the U.K.

Documents required for Admission

  • Photographs (passportsize-5)
  • A curriculum vitae (bio-data) showing work experience from date of registration (if any gap in CV, reasons of gap should mention in CV).
  • Experience letters from present and previous employers.
  • Two current professional references (Optional).
  • Copy of initial and current professional registration certificate (if applicable).
  • Copy of Diploma /Degree/ P.G. Certificate (whichever is applicable) Course Completion Certificate, mark lists and Transcript.
  • Copies of 10th and +2 certificates and mark sheets.
  • Passport copies
  • IELTS results copy
  • Copy of birth certificate ( optional)
  • Copy of marriage certificate (optional)

On submission of the relevant documents, the international academy will organize offer letters from the concerned institution in the U.K. The Visa processing will follow instantly and the candidates will be given professional help in submitting their application for visas along with the procurement of bank loan if required.

Pre departure and arrival in the U.K

On receipt of Visa, the International Academy will organize discount rate, air ticket and foreign currency. Our meet and greet service in the U.K. includes airport pick- up, accommodation assistance, opening of bank account, local area and important office introduction and help in the tax file opening which is required for part time or full time job in the U.K.

Our associates in the U.K. always help you incase you feel like changing your course to another course. They always come to your aid in extending assistance to obtain a job of your profession and qualification.

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