Nursing Jobs in UK

The U.K desperately needs foreign nurses to fulfill their nursing shortage. Indian Nurses have abundant opportunities in the U.K.They are preferred for their efficiency and service.The present U.K graduates are not enough to bridge the gap in the number of Nurses.To work as nurses in the U.K,Indian Nurses are to get registered in the Nursing and Midwifery Council of the U.K The Registration and job process include the following steps.

Nursing Board Registration and Registered Nurse job in the U.K

Nursing Board Registration and job for the Indian Nurses include four steps, Part I-Registration (Referral Letter), Overseas Nurses Program, Part II-Registration (Full Registration) and Employment in the U.K.

Part I-Registration:

This is an initial process to obtain Nursing Board Registration in the U.K. Any Indian Nurse with 3 year Diploma or Degree in Nursing with six months or above experience with Registration in any State Nursing Board in India with an IELTS-Academic 7-Band(Speaking,Writing,Listening,Writing-7 each) is eligible for this Registration if the following documents are submitted.

Documents Required

  • Photographs; passport size-5 in nurse’s uniform or in civil dress
  • Applicant Fee to International Academy-Rs 5000/-
  • Application Fee to NMC – 140 Pounds
  • A curriculum vitae (bio-data) showing work experience from date of registration (if any gap in CV reasons of gap should mention in CV).
  • A Reference form by NMC to be filled and sent to NMC by the college/school of nursing where you have studied along with your transcript sing by the principal.
  • A reference form by NMC to be filled and sent to NMC From the board of your current Nursing Registration (If You have more than one nursing board registration You should send verification from there also).
  • A reference form by NMC to be filled and sent to NMC By your present employer (NB: if your experience is Less than 5yrs, Xerox of the above mentioned Form are to be filled and send to the NMC by all your Employers, and the original to be filled and Sent by your present employer) (only for registration).
  • Original IETLS result to be sent by the exam board to the NMC.
  • Copy of marriage certificate(optional)
  • Copy of birth certificate(optional)
  • Passport copies
  • Copies of 10th and +2; certificates and mark sheets.
  • Copy of nursing certificate,mark lists and Transcript
  • Copy of initial and current nursing certificate / registration
  • Experience letters from present and previous employers
  • Two current professional references from nursing department(optional)

On verification of the documents, the candidate will be issued Part I Registration (Referral Letter) by NMC

Overseas Nurses Program:Based on the Part I Registration letter ,the candidates are expected to complete this training program in Centres approved by the NMC.

It is designed for overseas Nurses to qualify with the U.K standard that train overseas Nurses to adapt to the Nursing policies of the U.K. The Nurses receive twenty days Nursing theory training at the education provider, following which the Nurses will work as a Trainee staff under a qualified Nurse in a hospital or a Nursing Home, the duration of which depends on the NMC decision which is usually three to six months.

To obtain admission in ONP,candidate should submit part I Registration letter to the training provider. IA will assist in ONP admission and and visa processing.

Part II Registration:

On completion of the ONP, Nurses will get full Registration (Part II Registration) from the U.K Nursing Council and he or she will be eligible to work in the U.K.

Employment in the U.K.

Most of the nurses get jobs from the nursing homes or hospitals where they undergo clinical training as part of their ONP whereas others will be assisted by IA in getting jobs in the U.K.

Program costTuition Fee for ONP : 500 Pounds(approximately)
Pocket money for applicant : 1500 Pounds(approximately)
travel Fare : Rs 25,000/-

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