Jobs in New Zealand


To work in New Zealand, candidates have to get Registered in their respective professional bodies in New Zealand i.e. Nursing Council, Pharmacy council, Dental council etc. Based on candidate’s previous academic study and experience some of them will get direct registration and can apply for job opportunities. International Academy is currently providing placement guidance only for nurses in New Zealand. But for other qualified professionals we provide admission guidance for short courses, so as to get registered in their respective professional boards and explore job opportunities. For this, the candidates have to enroll in a New Zealand education institution for a period of study, based on their previous study and work experience they maybe offered credit for their study in New Zealand and can convert their existing degree to New Zealand degree or upgrade their current degree to New Zealand degree by doing PG courses. On the successful completion of their course they can obtain registration in their respective professional boards and if the candidate studied minimum of 1-year duration they maybe offered 1 year stay back in New Zealand and can find suitable jobs in New Zealand.

We have send hundreds of nurses and other professionals to New Zealand. we offer many pathway programs and diploma courses with short duration to find out job in New Zealand For more details you can contact International Academy directly and benefit from our services.

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