Jobs in Ireland

International Academy currently helps Nurses to find jobs in Ireland. However assistance is given to other professionals to choose courses of short duration and less expense in Ireland. These courses facilitate the process of getting jobs in Ireland. Visit our student visa section in this website for further details.

Nursing Board Registration (An Bord Altranais) and Nursing Jobs in Ireland.

Ireland has a shortage of Nursing Staff and welcomes Overseas Nurses to bridge the gap. Overseas Nurses should obtain registration in Ireland Nursing board to work there. Ireland Nursing board is known as “An Bord Altranais (ABA)”. For more details about Ireland Nursing board, visit An Bord Altranais’s website www.nursing

Registration in Ireland nursing board (ABA) can be obtained in two ways; Full Registration or Part I Registration.

Full Registration
Registered Bsc Nurses from India with one year experience in Nursing and an IELTS Academic band in overall 7(Writing 7, Speaking 7, Listening 6.5 and Reading 6.5) are eligible for full registration subject to the conditions stipulated by the board of registration based on the clinical and theory hours covered during the course. Full registration enables candidates to apply directly for jobs without further adaptation or orientation program.

Part I Registration
Most of the registered diploma Nurses and a few Bsc Nurses with one year experience and an IELTS band of 7 (Writing 7, Speaking 7, Listening 6.5 and Reading 6.5) get registered under Part I. The applicants are expected to undergo a training called Orientation or Adaptation Program.

Orientation Or Adaptation Program
This program is conducted for Overseas Nursing Professionals to qualify with Irish Standard that trains Overseas Nurses to adapt to the Nursing policies of Ireland. The nurses receive 45 to 60 days theory and practical training at the nursing board approved hospital. They get paid for this training. On successful completion of this training, candidates will get full registration with Ireland Nursing Council and become eligible to work in Irelands

Employment in Ireland
Full registered Nurses are offered Nursing jobs in reputed Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Ireland through our Associates.

Orientation or Adaptation Program being competitive, placement in this program is not guaranteed.

Documents Required for Nursing Board Registration (ABA) And Placement Guidance

  • Photographs (passportsize-2)
  • Applicant fee to International Academy- Rs.5000/
  • Duly filled ABA Application Form & Application Fee Euro 200 in the name of An Bord Altranais
  • Curriculum vitae (bio-data) showing work experience from the completion of course (if any gap in CV reasons of gap should be mentioned in CV).
  • A Reference form by ABA to be filled and sent to ABA by the college/school of nursing where you have studied signed along with your transcript signed by the principal.
  • A reference form by ABA to be filled and sent to ABA from the board of your current Nursing Registration (If you have more than one nursing board registration you should send verification from there also)
  • A reference form by ABA to be filled and sent to ABA by your present employer (NB: if your experience is less than 5yrs, Xerox of the above mentioned Forms are to be filled and sent to the ABA by all of your Employers, and the original to be filled and sent by your present employer.
  • Original IETLS result to be sent by the exam board to the ABA.
  • Copy of marriage certificate (Optional)
  • Copy of birth certificate (Optional)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copies of 10th and +2 certificates and mark sheets.
  • Copies of nursing certificate, mark lists, and Transcript
  • Copies of initial and current nursing certificate / license
  • Copies of experience letters from present and previous employers

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