Jobs in Gulf

International academy is a pioneer recruitment company in Cochin, Kerala, India providing job placement for jobseekers and providing manpower solution for employers in the Middle East. Our data bank includes Doctors, Dentist, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacist, Lab technicians, Allied Health Professionals, Social workers, Teachers, Low/ Middle / Higher level Management Professionals, IT Professionals, Engineers, Trade persons and Labourers etc.

Employers from different part of the Gulf countries constantly contact as for suitable staff. Employers can search for free of cost our large number of prospective job seeker’s data bank and can contact for getting this job seeker’s service. Job seekers can register free of coast in our job data bank and can search for many job opportunities through this Website and they will get many hot job alerts by email every day. Our list of clients includes Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Education and Many Public, Private Companies, Private Hospitals, Construction Companies, Educational Institutions etc in the Middle East.

Nursing jobs in the Gulf

Qualified Nurses have many opportunities in the Gulf. We regularly conduct interviews and selection meet for Nurses’s recruitment to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and many Middle East Countries. Nurses can register their job applications through this website and can search for job vacancies in our data bank. In addition to that Nurses will get many interview details constantly via E-mail. A registration on this site will be a chance for you in revealing your potential to the Gulf Job Market. The Gulf Offers ample opportunities in saving money because of tax Exemption and less Expenses compared to other foreign countries. To Work in The U.S.A, The U.K., Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand nurses are required to prove high level of English proficiency by attending IELTS Examination. But in the Gulf Nurses require only a minimum level of English proficiency. This attracts many nurses to opt Middle East nursing jobs.

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