Work in Australia

There is a huge shortage for qualified engineers, IT professionals, Trade persons, Teachers, Accountant, Health professionals and nurses in Australia. Since population is less the current graduates of Australian universities and colleges are insufficient to meet the demands of employers. So the above professionals are highly demanded in Australia and these professionals are continuously listed in Skilled Occupation List (PR Demand List) for permanent residency (PR). Australian government through its migration program gives opportunity for qualified professionals to migrate to Australia each year for filling their vacancies.


The Australian Migration program applications are processed based on Skilled Occupation Demand List of the Government of Australia and State or Territory Skilled Occupation Demand List. Candidates who make applications based on skilled occupation demand list can apply for visa under Skilled Independent visa and are able to settle in any state or territory in Australia. Applicants who apply based on State or territory skilled occupation demand list can apply for visa under Skilled Nominated Visa and are only able to settle in the particular state nominated. Once the nomination period is over applicants are able to settle in any other state of their choice. Skilled Nominated visa is an important option for Australian Permanent Residency and has lower requirement compared to Skilled Independent Visa. Australian states like New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia and territories like Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory have their own skilled occupation demand list and are able to support skilled nominated visa. Skilled Nominated Visa allows Australian States/Territories to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Australia to settle in their area. .

To work or Migrate in Australia, all the health professionals should get Registered and obtain a license from their respective professional boards like Nursing Council, Pharmacy council and Dental council. To get registration in Australian health board, all Indian qualified health professionals should undergo qualifying examination procedures or further study options. The examination procedures include practical and theory. In most programs the candidates can attend the theory part of the examination in their home country and it is held in March and September each year. The clinical test is held in Australia only. But passing in this competitive examination is rather difficult without proper training. So we advise candidates to enroll in suitable study programs. .

Through higher study programs you can convert or upgrade your qualification to Australian Bachelors or Masters in your subjects and can get registration/ membership in Australia. In some cases Masters Programs will not directly lead to registration in professional boards but the program will give more theoretic or practical exposure to get registration. Higher study programs also act as a gateway to Australia to explore jobs. But nurses can obtain registration by completing three months training called Initial registration program (Adaptation program) and it does not require examination procedures. We also offer different health programs leading to job and Permanent Residency for Nurses who seek career other than nursing. .

Engineers, IT Professionals and skilled trade persons seeking placements have immense job opportunities if they have adequate overseas qualifications with work experience. .

We are not able to assist in job recruitments for any professionals because the Australian employer’s wants highly skilled and efficient work force and so they prefer to assess the efficiency and skills of the people through personal interview. For this, the required persons have to be in Australia. Skilled migration/ student program mentioned will help you to be in Australia. .

International academy gives assistance for prospective candidates for entering Australia through migration and higher study.

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