Why Study In New Zealand

New Zealand offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. Student visas are issued only for courses approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). The New Zealand Qualifications Authority is a national board to regulate and link qualifications in New Zealand from each education and training sector. New Zealand Qualifications include level 1 to 10 which are Certificate: Level 1-4, Diploma: Level 5-6, Bachelor’s Degree and Graduate Diploma: Level 7, Post Graduate Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree Honors: Level 8, Masters Degrees: Level 9 and Doctorate: Level 10. These courses meet international standards and recognition. The main advantages of New Zealand Education are detailed below:

New Zealand qualifications are internationally recognized and accepted

Students trained in New Zealand are recognized internationally by industry and community leaders.

Highest quality Educational facilities and teaching resources

New Zealand universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research and the vocational education sector is focusing on practical oriented education. New Zealand has an excellent centrally-managed quality assurance system. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) requires that all institutions enrolling international students should be registered and ensures compliance with qualifications standards.

Safe, Stable and friendly multicultural society with highest standards of living in the world

New Zealand is a safe, stable and multicultural society with a very high standard of living. New Zealand demonstrates political stability and social tolerance. It is home to people from over 180 countries, and at least one in five New Zealanders was born overseas. You can interact with many cultural background students and can develop contacts and friends from around the world.

You can improve your English proficiency

New Zealand is an English speaking country. By living and studying here you can improve English proficiency. Many New Zealand institutions offer English courses with starting dates throughout the year to enhance your English language skill.

Tuition fees and living expenses are lesser than USA & Australia

New Zealand offers significantly lower annual tuition fees for many popular courses at universities, technical institutions and colleges. Bachelor degrees can be completed in three years (exceptions include degrees in Engineering and medicine) compared with four years in America and Canada. 

Pastoral Care of International Students

The New Zealand Government, through the Ministry of education, administers the code of practice. It ensures that New Zealand institutions must meet requirements for registration. If an institution doesn’t meet strict standards for marketing activities, higher education delivery, facilities and student support services, it will not be registered.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

NZQA is a database of all New Zealand qualifications registered for recruiting international students. To be able to recruit, enrol and teach international students all New Zealand Education Institutions must be registered with NZQA. As an overseas student, you must study in a course that can be found on NZQA.

Excellent advantage for Indian Students

One excellent advantage for Indian students is flexibility in the New Zealand education system. In most cases students can obtain easily admission from current level to the next level. Students who have completed one or two years of Diploma/ Bachelors/ Post graduate Diploma have the benefit of getting credit transfer in New Zealand institutions.

No age bar & Mark Restriction
To study in New Zealand you do not have any age restriction. Many programs require only a minimum pass and programs with higher requirement offers alternative pathways to enroll.   

Faster Admission process
You will get admission in New Zealand Colleges within 3-7 days and Universities within 7-15 days of application in most of the cases.

Pay Fees after Visa Approval only

For the New Zealand visa applications you do not need to pay any tuition fee to the education provider before your visa get approved by Immigration

Faster Visa Processing

Average time for New Zealand visa application processing is 10 days to 120 days. But in many cases visas are processed in 10 days. Even if a student applied late for his chosen intake, he has chances to get the visa in time. After getting visa you can travel to New Zealand one month before the course commencement

Spouse Work Visa

If you enroll bachelor level courses in Long Term skill shortage area or any Post Graduate course in New Zealand with minimum 1 year duration your dependent can accompany you and can work full time during your study and vacation.

Spouse Visitor Visa

If you enroll any Diploma programs or Bachelor programs not included in long Term skill shortage list with minimum 1 year duration your dependent can accompany you on visit visa and if they find full time job, can convert to work visa

Student Dependent Child Visa

All dependent children can accompany student on visit or student visa based on their eligibility

Excellent Job Opportunities

New Zealand runs short off competent and skilled candidates. So candidates have excellent chances and abundant opportunities.

Work while you Study
In New Zealand you can work 20 hours weekly during study and on vacation you can work full time.

1 Year Job Search VISA

Successful completion of  level 5 /level 6 fast track diplomas with minimum 16 months (4 semesters) or level 7 and above program with 1 year duration you will get this visa

2 Years Work Permit

If you find full time job offer during job search visa, you will get two year work permit

Multiple Stay Back or Job Search Visa

If you are not able to find full time job offer during job search visa, you can enroll another program and on completion will get further one year job search visa. During this job search visa if you find full time job you will get two year work permit

Opportunity for Permanent Residency (PR)

On successful completion of program, based on your study level you will get points for PR. After study you should find fulltime job and if you meet required points you will become eligible for PR. If your course is in skill shortage list you will have higher chance for getting job in New Zealand.