Why Study in Ireland

Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. It is a safe English-speaking country that offers the warmest welcome to students from all over the world. The main advantages of education in Ireland are detailed below;

Internationally recognized qualifications and extensive choice
Irish qualifications are recognized for excellence world-wide. Students can choose from an extensive range of courses to meet their needs in highly respected business schools, centres of scientific and technology excellence as well as renowned language, humanities and arts faculties

A safe country 

Ireland is ranked the highest in Global Peace Index. It is a safe, stable and multicultural. Ireland demonstrates political stability and social tolerance. You can interact with many cultural background students from different countries and can develop contacts and friends.

English speaking country

Ireland is an English speaking country. By living and studying here you can improve English proficiency.

Supportive learning environment

Dedicated international offices work closely with academic, administrative and specialist staff to fully support students throughout their time in Ireland. Through these support structures, students receive direct access to information, facilities, services and staff.

Job opportunities and permanent residency in Ireland

Non-European Economic Area nationals must have a work permit to work in Ireland. Direct Work permits are available for occupations with an annual salary of €30,000 or more. The work permit is granted for 2 years initially, and then for a further 3 years. After 5 years you may become eligible to apply forlong term residency in Ireland. If your profession is listed in Irish Critical Employment skill shortage list and annual salary is in the range of €30,000 to €59,999 or your annual salary is€60,000 and over in most occupation you will be entitled to: Immediate family reunification–while others must be legally in the State for one year before they apply family reunification.

Tuition fees and living expenses are lesser than USA, Australia and New Zealand

Ireland offers significantly lower annual tuition fees for many popular courses at universities, technical institutions and colleges. Bachelor degrees can be completed in three years compared with four years in America and Canada (exceptions include degrees in Engineering and medicine). Master degrees can be completed in 1 year compared with 2 years in many countries.

Excellent advantage for Indian Students

One excellent advantage for Indian students is flexibility in the Irish education system. In most cases students can obtain easily admission from current level to the next level. Students who have completed one or two years of Diploma/ Bachelors/ Post graduate Diploma have the benefit of getting credit transfer in Ireland  institutions.

Excellent job opportunities

Ireland runs short off competent and skilled candidates. So candidates have excellent chances and abundant opportunities.

Pay fees after visa approval

For the Ireland visa applications, it is not compulsory to pay tuition fees to the education provider before your visa get approved by Immigration

Faster visa Processing

Average time for Irish visa application processing is 15 days to 90 days. But in many cases visas are processed in 15 days. Even if a student applied late for his chosen intake, he has chances to get the visa in time.

Work while you study

In Ireland you can work 20 hours weekly during study and on vacation you can work full time.

No age bar & Mark Restriction

To study in Ireland you do not have any age restriction. Many programs require only a minimum pass and programs with higher requirement offers alternative pathways to enroll.   

Faster Admission process

You will get admission in Irish Colleges within 3-7 days and Universities within 7-15 days of application in most of the cases.

1 Year Post study Visa (Graduate Scheme Visa)

Successful completion of Bachelors and Masters’ program you become eligible for 1 year Graduate scheme Visa.

2 Year Work Permit

If you find full time job offer during post study visa (Graduate Scheme Visa), you become eligible for two year work permit.

Opportunity for Permanent Residency (PR)

On successful completion of program, you will get 1 year post study Visa(Graduate Scheme Visa). During this if you find full time work you become eligible for 2 years work permit. It can be renewed upto 5 years and after 5 years you become eligible for long term residency equivalent to permanent residency.

Leading global companies in Ireland

Multinational companies like Google, Facebook, Pfizer, Apple, Intel etc. have chosen Ireland as their European Headquarters. This company is requires skilled, educated and highly capable work force to drive their success.

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