Business English /Communicative/Spoken English

International Academy offers you a full-fledged coaching in Business English/ Communicative English/ Spoken English.

Excellent training is imparted to students to communicate clearly so that vagueness and ambiguity could be avoided in business correspondence. Merchants and entrepreneurs find it highly helpful. Personal guidance is extended to those weak in English language.

Formal Education is often inadequate to meet the modern language requirements. Teachers, Journalists, Marketing executives & other professionals benefit highly from our communicative English and widen their scope. Special stress is given on British, Australian and American English.

Our Spoken English course is designed to improve the fluency of High school students, ITI students, Diploma holders, Insurance agents, Housewives & similar many others. Simplified grammar with basic vocabulary focusing on conversational skills is practiced to perfection. Morning and Evening classes will be scheduled according to the students’ convenience. We have classes from 7.30 A.M to 7.30 P.M and the duration of class is 30 – 90 Days. Students can attend classes on different schedule as mentioned below;

Method of Training

    Our training method is divided into two levels; Preparation level and Assessment Level.

  • Preparation level
  • This session contains specialized training at foundation level, with emphasis on providing a sound basis in grammar, Basic English as well as effective communication. Orientation is given to speak with confidence. Duration of this class varies from 6 days to 15 days depending on the performance of the student

  • Intensive Level
  • In this level, enormous opportunities and chances are created for wide discussion, debates, and personal interaction to improve their language proficiency along with interview training. Students get absolute confidence in public speaking on completion of their course. Students can avail of the course till they feel confident of fluent speaking.

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