Work in Switzerland

Indian nurses or health professionals are not directly eligible to apply for permanent residency or job in Switzerland, since it requires registration in their respective professional board before they apply for job or migration. To work in Switzerland, all the health professionals should get Registered and obtain a license from their respective professional boards in Switzerland i.e. Nursing Council, Pharmacy council, Dental council etc. To get registration in Switzerland health board all Indian qualified health professionals should undergo qualifying examination procedures or training programs or further study options and should obtain required Swiss language proficiency .

In the case of people in the hospitality and aviation sector, professionals seeking for placements have immense job opportunities here in Switzerland due to the high importance given to tourism in the country.

In order to work in Switzerland in the hospitality sector also one should have Swiss language proficiency as the work will definitely involve interaction with the natives and local crowd. So IA offers different study programs in diploma, bachelors and master level, through this programs you can enter in Switzerland, these programs act as a gateway to explore jobs in Switzerland.

We are not able to assist in job recruitment’s for any professionals because the Switzerland employer’s wants highly skilled and efficient work force and so they prefer to assess the efficiency and skills of the people through personal interview. For this, the required persons have to be in Switzerland. During your stay in Switzerland you can complete any licensing requirement is required for your profession, and also can learn language proficiency. Student programs mentioned will help you to be in Switzerland.

International academy gives assistance for prospective candidates for entering Switzerland via higher study or through training programs.