Scholarships in USA

Scholarships are not just awards or financial aids offered by prominent institutions, they are grand prospects that can help you fulfill all your dreams and ambitions regardless of your monetary status or your physical conditions. Thus, today quite a good number of scholarships are available United States of America that are assisting aspiring candidates from both the developed and developing countries. You will find that the scholarships in USA are awarded to eligible candidates based on different sets of criteria that mirror the values and intentions of the scholarship donors or founders.

Types of Fellowships in USA

The USA society is not homogenous and in order to cater to the needs of heterogeneous groups of people, scholarships in USA are also based on diverse categories. Thus people from different backgrounds find in USA an ideal destination for higher studies.


Merit based education grants in USA are determined according to the student’s Academic, Artistic or Athletic abilities. It is a renewable financial aid to fulfill the academic needs of the candidate.


It’s a financial aid for distinguished students who are from underprivileged backgrounds. It is mostly a contractual agreement that covers both tuition and cost of living for the student. Ethnicity-Based Candidates undergo a systematic filtration process to qualify for such scholarships on the basis of their religion, national origin and race. Institution-Based Certain eminent institutions of USA along with several different Universities and Colleges offer scholarships to students who plan on attending these facilities. General-Scholarships Such scholarships are generally sponsored by Student Associations or Business Companies. Their intentions are to award the achievements of students or their employees by certain financial incentives. Prominent Scholarships in USA The Scholarships in USA also include some special “Bond” related aids or grants for which the recipient might have to work for paying back the financial aids. You will also come across several scholarships that have been dedicated to facilitate the needs of the elderly, disabled and the underprivileged children. Some of the commonly known scholarships in USA are Marshall Scholarships, AFLSE Scholarships, Miss America Scholarships and the scholarships offered by the Fulbright Program.

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