Distance Education in USA

Distance Learning Courses in USA are availed by people from all sections of society today. As distance education helps people to pursue their studies at their own pace and time, it has become an excellent alternative to formal education. For the professional and the older people various modes of distance learning have emerged as the only way of continuing their education.


Moreover the advancement of technology has also contributed a lot in the advancement of Distance Education in USA. Most of the Distance Learning Institutes in USA offers course website, videotapes, DVDs, audiotapes, audio CDs, CD- ROMs depending on the nature of the course so that the need for face to face interaction is not felt frequently. In USA distance learning Courses may be taken on both credit basis and non credit basis. In order to earn an Associate degree programme offered by Community Colleges, Vocational and Technical Schools candidates need to take courses worth 60 credits, for earning a Bachelor degree candidates need to take courses worth 120 credits and for earning a master’s degree through the distance learning mode in USA candidates need to courses worth 30 to 35 credits. As distance education gains popularity among the students, more and more Universities in USA have started offering various courses through distance education. For more details, Contact us now