Highlights of Irish Education

Options to pay fees after visa approval.
You can work part-time 20 hours while you study and vacation full-time.
After Successful completion of Bachelors and Masters’ program approved by Irish Ministry of Education you become Eligible for 1 year Post Study Visa.
During your Post Study Visa, if you find full time employment, you become eligible for 2 years work permit.
Options for long term residency/ Permanent residency.
Based on your salary level, within or after 1 year of Work permit you are eligible for family reunification.
Skill shortage in Ireland gives immense opportunities for jobs and permanent residency.
Education expenses are lesser than UK ,USA and Australia.
You do not have any Age/Mark restriction to study in Ireland.
You get admission with IELTS 5.5 for Bachelors and Masters in many Institutions and without IELTS, if you have 10th& 12th English 65% Marks in Universities. 

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