Why Study in Australia

Thousands of International students select Australia for their further study each year. Students are attracted by the country’s natural and man-made wonders, the peaceful environment, the cosmopolitan cities, multicultural communities, work based learning system and relatively low cost life style.The main reasons are explained below ;

Australian qualifications are Internationally recognized and accepted

The Australian Qualifications not only comply with national standards, but they also meet the requirements of international organisations like Asia-Pacific economic cooperation group, the United Nations and the European group.

Educational facilities and teaching resources are of the highest quality

Australian universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research and The vocational education section focusses on practical oriented education. The Australian authorities such as Department of education, CRICOS, Australian Qualification Frame Work (AQF) make sure the facility of the training provider to deliver courses they offer and also monitor the course curriculum to be updated based on the current industry requirement.

Safe, stable and friendly multicultural society with the highest standards of living in the world

Political unrest is limited in Australia, crime rates are low and strict gun control laws provide a safe environment. Australia is secular. Your right to practice your faith without persecution or discrimination is protected by law. It is home to people from over 190 countries and at least one in five Australians is born overseas. Cultural diversity is part of its national identity and is one of Australia’s greatest strengths. You can interact with people from multicultural back ground and can develop friends and contact from around the world.

You can improve your English proficiency

It is an English-speaking country and by living and studying in Australia you can improve your English proficiency. Many Australian institutions offer English courses with starting dates throughout the year to prepare you for further study in Australia or enhance your English language skill.

Tuition fees and living expenses are less than USA

Australia offers significantly lower annual tuition fees for many popular courses at universities and institutions. Bachelor degrees can also be completed in three years (exceptions degrees in Engineering and medicine) compared with four years in America. This does not indicate that lower cost courses translate into lower quality outcomes.

Education Services for overseas students (ESOS) Act 2000

In 2000, Australia introduced the ESOS Act 2000. The ESOS Act and regulations set out the legal framework governing delivery of education to overseas students studying in Australia on a student visa. The Australian Government, through the Department of education, Employment and workplace relations (DEEWR) administers the ESOS Act and its associated instruments. ESOS ensures that Australian institutions must meet the requirements for registration. If an institution doesn’t meet the stringent standards for marketing activities, higher education delivery, facilities and student support services, it isn’t registered. This means that the non-registered institution cannot enrol international students. The ESOS legislation provides consumer protection. This means you will receive the tuition for which you have paid, and your fees is protected by law. For further information: http://www.aei.gov.au/ .

Commonwealth Register of institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)

CRICOS is a database of over 1000 registered Australian Education institutions. To be able to recruit, enrol and teach international students an Australian Education Institution must be registered in CRICOS.As an overseas student on a student visa, you must study with an education provider and in a course that can be found on (CRICOS).

Excellent advantage for Indian students

One excellent advantage for Indian students is the similarity between Indian and Australian education systems, which are broadly patterned on the British education system. Therefore, it is easier for admission from one level to another level with hassle free credential evaluation. Also, because of flexibility in their education system, students who have completed two years of Bachelors / Diploma could enroll directly into the 2nd or 3rd year of Bachelor’s program in Australian institutions. Australian degrees are recognized by the Association of Indian Universities for the purposes of further education and government employment.

Certificate/Diploma with bachelors packaged offers

Students who intend to study University Bachelors programs if not meeting the minimum Academic requirement can obtain admission through its associate’s colleges. In this situation initially, students study certificate or diploma program in a college. Following the completion of the college program students complete the in the university. Students get full offer of admission for college and university program together. The IELTS requirement and the fees also will be lower compared to the university students.

Admission without IELTS or with Lower Scores

Australian Universities have approval from immigration Australia to admit students without IELTS if they are satisfied with students’ academic performance. Students with lower IELTS bands can be offered admission with ‘a specific period English Course’ prior to main course.

Flexible age & Admission Criteria.

To study in Australia you do not have any age restriction and you can enroll for any course, if you meet the entry criteria irrespective of your educational background. But you need to prove your intention as a genuine student through supporting documents and a statement of purpose. In the statement of purpose you should explain how your program of selection is connected to the present situation and your future career opportunity. If your details are convincing you will be offered admission.

Faster Admission Process

If your application is completed you get admission in Australian Colleges within 3-7 days and Universities within 7-15 days of application. But in some situations it can be extended up to 45 days or more.

You can pay fees in installment

You only need to pay minimum one semester fees to your educational provider prior to visa application and the rest fees you can pay on semester base or installments as agreed by educational provider.

Visa Processing Advantage

Average time for Australian visa application processing is 1 month to 4 month, but in many cases visas are processed in 1 month. So even if you have made a late decision to study you have chances to get visa in time. In some situations visa processing may take longer time so students are advised to file their visa as early as possible.

You can work part-time while you study

In Australia you can work 20 hours weekly during your study and on vacation can work full time. This will give you an additional source to support your studies and obtain valuable work experience with a foreign employer.

Spouse work visa

If you study Masters programs /Masters by Research or Doctoral programs of minimum 12 months duration, your dependent can accompany you and can work full-time during your study and vacation.

If you study Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma/ Associate Degree/ Bachelors/ Graduate Diploma course of minimum 12 month duration, Your dependent can accompany you and can work 20 hours weekly during your studies and fulltime during your vacation.

Free education for Dependent Children

The dependent children of Masters or Research and PHD students attending one of the five universities in Western Australia- Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, University of Notre Dame and the University of Western Australia – can be admitted into government schools that have spare capacity free of charge.

Once the dependent children are in Western Australia, the post graduate student must contact the International Education Office of their respective university regarding the enrolment of their children. The university will complete the necessary documentation outlining the number of dependent children to be placed in a school.

18 Months Temporary Residency Visa

After your successful completion of 2 year study in Certificate/ Diploma/ Advanced Diploma / Associate Degree programs leading to professions in skilled occupation demand list you will get 18 months temporary residency visa. After one year work experience you can apply for PR. After getting PR, students can pursue Bachelor Degree in Universities on part time basis. So the tuition fee also will be equivalent to that of Australian resident .However, duration of the Bachelor program will be 6 months more than the regular university study

2 years Post Study Work Permit

After your successful completion of 2 year study in any Bachelors or Master’s program you can apply for 2 year post study work permit in Australia and if the spouse accompanies you, they are entitled to the same Visa.

You can find excellent jobs, due to skill shortage in Australia

Compared to India Australia has low population, but the country is more than double the size in structure. Australia has many growing industries and a number of multinational companies have branches. The number of trained persons is thoroughly inadequate and insufficient to meet the growing demand of the country. Many employers find difficulties to fill their vacancies. So in this situation you have very good chances to get job in Australia if you are well trained and qualified.

Opportunity for permanent residency in Australia

After your successful completion of programs leading to professions in skilled occupation demand list, If candidates meets 1 year work experience with minimum IELTS 6 (min: 6) and obtains sufficient immigration points, he can apply for permanent residency in Australia. If you study courses, other than skill shortage area and obtain full time employer sponsorship, you can apply for permanent residency in Australia. If you are sponsored through an Australian regional employer you require only an IELTS 5.

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